MEPSI : 07 - 06 - 17

MEPSI : 07 - 06 - 17

MEPSI Launch : 07-06-17


Thursday marked the start of a soon to be tradition of Pop ups hosted by “Mepsi” (another way of saying “Style” in Korean). Mepsi gave opportunities to several local businesses from artists to clothing and store owners a space to display and express what they more or less do on a “day at work”.

Sharing the space with Griptape company “Ripe”, Photographer “Michael Kazimierczuk” Skateboard company “Kadence” and Clothing Brand “Galerie Sans Motif”, Parlor was privileged  to also have a booth displaying upcoming shop releases and some merch to give a little taste of what goes on at Parlor.

From 12-6,  the doors were open to the public and offered them a chance to check out the brands as well as the “Meth Lab”. The location we shared is not your average pop up space.

 “One Method” would describe themselves as “Less of an agency, more of a creative crew”. And amongst what looks like an upscale office setting is tons of original artwork, a retail section, DJ booth, full Bar, and even a Basketball Court. Calling ourselves lucky to be hosted at such a dream like facility would be an understatement.

 From 7-12 a Guest List invite “party” took place, allowing friends and family from the different groups of people featured in the event to come and see the space and as well enjoy munchies by La Carnita and drinks from Dagger Beer & Tromba Tequila. A skate video was also premiered, music played by Jordan Moss, and even a live painting session from Pawel Swanski.

 The night was the first of many to be hosted by Mepsi, and I would personally like to thank all those involved; from the people behind the scenes to those working the bar and to everyone who came by. A huge appreciation goes out to One Method and those behind Mepsi, THANK YOU for caring about the little guys and giving us a chance.

 There is to be a series of these Pop ups roughly 1 a month and to be part of the first one was a great experience. If you were unable to make it, stay tuned as the next event is scheduled for early August and will feature different vendors and events.


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