"Eastend Champions" Alpaca Varsity

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We figured screw it - lets try and make the absolute best Varsity we can!
The jacket features embellishments contributed by Toronto legends, from the graphic work by Joel Evangelista and Trevor Goodwin - to the hand cranked chenille patches by Ben Viapana and the construction of the jacket itself put together by the good folks over at Freeagent Wearhouse.
We created a 100% original pattern, and from there sourced the best materials we could including imported Italian Leather, Riri zippers from Switzerland, and Alpaca for the body.
The Jacket has a total of 14 hits, and features a play on our Money Cat, a Tribute to our beloved but not forgotten Doberman Krueger, our "Support Your Local" slogan, a Championship Ring and a nod at being the best in the city - while still paying our dues with a shoutout to the original Sneaker goats, Goodfoot.
Our "Jersey" logo can be found on the inside, and features a subtle black on black alpaca applique.
The jacket is designed reversed - and by this we mean, each sleeve is inside out. One features the smooth side of the leather hide, while the opposite is the reversed long haired suede side. The same goes for the pockets - each is reversed to the opposing. 
Constructed 100% in Toronto

  • Body: Aplaca / Sleeves / Pockets : Cow Leather
  • Lining: 6 oz quilted satin insulation  
  • 2 Way Riri Silver front zipper 
  • Fully lined with one interior pocket

Jacket fits true to size. Traditional varsity, wide (but not too wide) fit.

     Designed / Manufactured in Toronto, Canada.