Parlor 23 "Silouette" Dice Set Gold

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A Parlor original!

The concept was simple, 6 sides to a die... A different Jordan silhouette (1-6) on each side...

Confident we are the first to do it, we wanted to do it 110%.

Rather then just your regular plastic dice sets, we came up with a way to make the dice similar to the pendents we have made in the past.

A heavy weight, 50 Gram 19mm Dice set. Made in Pewter then Gold plated, every aspect from sample to full production and even laser engraving done here in Toronto, Canada.

Available in sets of 3 and 5.

Next came the game concept...

We mimicked a common dice game environment; a street corner/basketball court. Took all original photos from notorious Toronto spots, The Esplanade Ball Courts and Moss Park Convenience Store. Then added some custom graffiti and signage and we're ready to gamble.

Buy rolls, $3.00 a roll or 5 rolls for $10.00...

  • 3 Dice: Roll three of the same for any shop T-Shirt
  • 4 Dice: Roll four of the same for any shop Hoody or Chain.
  • 5 Dice: Roll Five of the same for any of that Jordan from the shop
This game is our version of "The Keymaster". But lets face it, Jordan's are meant for the court and Gambling for the corner, not the arcade stuck in some machine. Get creative; Play your friends for their shoes! Invent your own game! Or just use them for a nostalgic paper weight.  Either way we hope you enjoy a product we worked real hard on. Enjoy :)