Parlor 23 x Champion "No Pandas Allowed" Hoodie

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The Hoodie features:


  • The front hit has a 3 color screen print - of a "NO" sign - with a Panda rockin' some Dunks.

  • The back has a script, - noting the slogan "NO PANDAS ALLOWED. just kidding, Parlor 23 loves Y'all"

Hoodies available in Lavender, Olive & Black...


A story behind the graphic!

At this past Septembers Toronto Sneaker Con - we displayed a sign as seen above - noting: "No Pandas Allowed - Just kidding, Parlor Loves Y'all!"

The purpose of the sign - was not to hate on the perfect black & white Dunk - but to draw attention of what we were displaying at our booth. Letting attendees know - we ain't sellin! We're displaying Samples - and extremely hard to get pairs.

We had a feeling - the majority of booths would be selling the same pairs table after table - true for some - but some booths had fire to display and sell!

The response from the sign was a mixed review - of those who understood our point and those that thought we were hating on a Dunk we actually love.

We had great conversations around the concept, and here we are - a little over a month after the show - ready to drop a collection of clothes based around it, as person after person would ask - "You got any merch with this on it"? At the show.

All garments are printed on Champion Apparel.

100% Screen Printed in Toronto, Canada.